František Hertl | Nokturno from "Four Pieces"
Božo Paradžik, double bass | Wolfram Lorenzen, piano
Live in Freiburg, Musikhochschule | Archive only
Leoš Janácek | Pohádka o caru
Božo Paradžik, double bass | Maria Sofianska, piano
Status: estimated release 2015-2016
Gioachino Rossini | Duetto
Božo Paradžik, double bass 1 |
Status: estimated release 2015-2016
Johannes Brahms | Sonata E flat major op.120 No 2 (1st mov)
Božo Paradžik, double bass | Maria Sofianska, piano
Status: ongoing release | estimated 2015
Adolf Míšek | Sonata in E minor (finale)
Božo Paradžik, double bass | Maria Sofianska, piano
Live recording, 2004 | Detmold, Neue Aula
Johannes Brahms | Sonata E flat major op.120 No 2 (2nd mov)
Božo Paradžik, double bass | Maria Sofianska, piano
Status: ongoing release | estimated 2015
Giambattista Cimador | Concerto A major (3. Rondo)
Božo Paradžik | SWD-Kammerorchester Pforzheim | Sebastian Tewinkel
Status: double SACD release pending since 2008 / EBS Music - Bayer Records
Johannes Brahms | Sonata E minor op.38 (3rd mov)
Božo Paradžik, double bass | Maria Sofianska, piano
Status: ongoing release | estimated 2015
Johannes Brahms | Sonata E flat major op.120 No 2 (3rd mov)
Božo Paradžik, double bass | Maria Sofianska, piano
Status: ongoing release | estimated 2015
Franz Schubert | String Quintett in C major (3rd movement)
Božo Paradžik & Apos String Quartet
Live in Philharmonie Berlin | Archive recording
Antonio Capuzzi | Concerto D major (3rd mov)
Božo Paradžik | SWD-Kammerorchester Pforzheim | Sebastian Tewinkel
Status: double SACD release pending since 2008 / EBS Music - Bayer Records
Johannes Brahms | Sonata A major op.100 (1st mov)
Božo Paradžik, double bass | Maria Sofianska, piano
Status: ongoing release | estimated 2015
Joseph Haydn | Concerto in C major (3rd mov)
Božo Paradžik | SWD-Kammerorchester Pforzheim | Sebastian Tewinkel
Status: double SACD release pending since 2008: EBS Music - Bayer Records
Joseph Haydn | Concerto in C major (1st mov)
Božo Paradžik | SWD Kammerorchester Pforzheim | Sebastian Tewinkel
Status: double SACD release pending since 2008 / EBS Music - Bayer Records
Schwarz-Weiß Schalter


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Welcome to | General information

We have updated our privacy policy, effective May 25, 2018, to increase transparency and reflect recent changes to EU privacy regulations. Please read more about it in impressum & privacy policy

With your purchase in this online store you actively and significantly support all of Božo Paradžik's projects, as these are cross-financed from the income from this store. This includes video and sound recordings, new publications of sheet music, etc. The online store contains not only the sheet music that is not usually available anywhere else, but also more and more free products, such as the sheet music of the frequently played standard works for double bass in Urtext version, in line with the philosophy and quality of the leading Urtext sheet music publishers such as Bärenreiter or Henle-Urtext. Since the heavily altered and supplemented sheet music for double bass available in the trade still predominates, this is an important step towards the much-needed modernization of editorial quality and the way of thinking about the originality of works of art in general. Even such productions, which are free of charge for the end user, have required several months (sometimes even years) of work during their creation - and have sometimes caused considerable financial expenditure. A two-day high-quality video production for YouTube costs a minimum of EUR 2500 to 3000 just until the footage has been recorded. After that, extensive editing of the sound and video material is necessary until the videos can be enjoyed in their final form on YouTube, for example. For some YouTube video productions recorded in professional quality, the rental fees for the concert halls and for the instrument support had to be paid in advance (such as the obligatory rental costs for the grand pianos, as well as the fees for the piano tuners) - and the rental fees for the professional audio and video recording equipment had to be paid.

The prices in this online store are kept as low as possible. Some would like them to be even lower, but fairness is already factored in. In Switzerland, where the artist Božo Paradžik lives, living costs are very high. The purchase price of the most expensive product from the online store - currently PDF of Bottesini Concertino's orchestral material - (commonly known as "Concerto No.2") would theoretically barely be enough for a romantic dinner for two in one of his city's fine restaurants. The work on this instrumentation and the formatting of the layout took about 4 months. The product will receive an extension in 2024 at no extra charge, the entire first movement with the digitized Bottesini original text, as the manuscript of the score was only recently published. Many other items in this webshop also took a lot of effort and countless hours of work to be created. Every income from this webshop also provides the incentive to continue producing. Božo Paradžik is a self-employed artist without sponsors or similar sources of support in the background and the income from this online store is both a financial relief and a moral motivation and inspiration at the same time.

Božo Paradžik's projects often include works by well-known composers who originally wrote these compositions for other instruments. These works have been carefully adapted for performance with the double bass usually by Božo Paradžik himself. This is often pioneering work and for most of these works there was either no sheet music commercially available for double bass, or the existing sheet music was unusable for various reasons. Therefore, in many cases completely new sheet music was created for this purpose. Using modern notation software, the scores have been carefully created and transposed to suit the different tunings of the double bass. Such sheet music is offered for sale here in the store and the range is constantly being expanded. Before each publication of the sheet music, a very elaborate formatting is usually necessary, as Božo Paradžik's early versions of the sheet music are not yet as carefully formatted as the standard of professional editions requires.

Downloadable audio files (such as MP3) can be downloaded immediately after payment has been made. Physical items (example: CDs) are usually shipped within a week, or if this is difficult at the moment, a note about the expected delivery time will be announced first. The sales price includes the standard shipping fee in some German-speaking regions. The actual delivery times also depend on the postal service. The shipping method included in the price (standard shipping) is a simple, uninsured shipping method without tracking number. If the delivery address is outside the EU/Switzerland, there may be additional customs charges which have to be paid by the buyer. As a rule, CDs can only be sent once per week. If there is a particularly long wait for delivery, there will be a note on the item page. Immediate shipment after payment cannot always be guaranteed, please only order here if you agree to this.

Although has no customer service and generally cannot offer the services of an online retailer, the excellent quality of all items on offer is guaranteed. If the purchased item is defective in any way, a free replacement is guaranteed. Please use the contact form immediately in such a case, or contact Božo Paradžik directly by other means.

The copyright and all other rights to content, images, photos, text or other files on this website belong exclusively to either the author Božo Paradžik or the clearly mentioned intellectual property owners, for whose use the licenses have been officially regulated. For the reproduction of any elements and products offered on this website, the written consent of the copyright holders must be obtained in advance. The website is a trademark of the internationally active artist and author Božo Paradžik. Please read more about it in the imprint and privacy policy. The income from the online store is a registered self-employed activity of the author based in the city of Lucerne (LU), Switzerland. The place of jurisdiction is Lucerne LU/Switzerland.



PDF files are available for download immediately after payment. The customer's financial data is never processed on this website, but on proven external websites that have many years of experience and are known for high security of customer data and reliability. Since December 2023, the payment options have been expanded and a variety of payment methods are now available. All notes are offered as PDF files with a resolution of 300 dpi (very high quality).

For some PDF scores from this online store, customers sometimes sporadically receive an improved version of previously purchased products. The PDF files are often sent without prior notice to the e-mail addresses used for payment. These are usually either free additions to the product that were already included (e.g. a complete new part for an additional variant of the double bass tuning), corrected errors, or similar important additions.

Since 01.01.2015 the customers from the EU countries are charged with VAT on e-services by their respective countries of residence. Other countries (outside the EU, UK and SAR) are generally not affected. As a provider of electronic services, online store is legally obliged to pay VAT to its EU domicile countries for all EU customers who purchase electronic products (sheet music in PDF format, downloadable audio files) from this webshop. This process has been automatized. Physical items (such as CDs) are not affected by this VAT.

Reproduction of the composer's original text is the first commandment, the parts are left as simple and clean as possible. The composer's handwritten scores were used as a reference source. If the manuscripts were not available, the first printed versions were used as a source. Many scores that are very complicated for performance on the double bass (e.g. sonatas by the great composers) include, in addition to the clean part, a copy of Božo Paradžik's personal part, which could be of further help. The notation for double bass contains only the bass clef and treble clef; the tenor clef is not used. In a few cases where the instrumentation differs from the historical source, the nature and extent of the changes are usually described, with the exception of the octaves. The fingerings are not usually printed.

In this online store, sheet music for modern double bass is offered in the tuning in fourths. In some editions, the lowest string is tuned a half or whole tone lower. These are the common double bass tunings of the sheet music in this store:

  • GDAE | "in C" (without transposition)
  • AEBF# | transposition "in D"
  • cGDA | transposition "in F"
  • dAEB | transposition "in G"

The "beta" sheet music editions are also fully-fledged print versions, but with some compromises in the formatting; the scaling of the pages is sometimes slightly larger or smaller than usual. In the beta versions, three sheets of music are often joined one after the other so that you can turn the pages at the right places (rests) during the concert. As the "final versions" are closer to perfection in Božo Paradžik's subjective perception of formatting, the beta versions will be removed from the shop over time. The beta versions were created earlier than the final versions and because their formatting took less time and effort, they are priced lower. These cheaper scores, should accommodate music students whose budgets are normally tighter.



The CD prices in this shop already include the basic shipping cost as a postage without insurance. Shipping that way is usually possible only once a week, so please mind that the CDs will be sent 1-6 days after your purchase. Extra services like fast shipping, insured/registered postage with tracking number, etc. are generally possible- they will result in higher final price, only the real prices of the local postal service will be added. Delivery time depends on postal service, I have no influence on the shipping time and delivery date.


Following kind of recordings and file formats will be available by the time in this store:

  • Stereo in lossy compression formats (MP3, Vorbis OGG, AAC etc)
  • Stereo as high-resolution uncompressed audio (24bit, 48-96 kHz)
  • Surround in good sounding lossy compression format (DTS)
  • Surround in lossless compression format as high-resolution audio (FLAC)

Compressed stereo formats used here are all open-source projects and licence-free. The popular MP3 data format is since 2017 free of charge.

All surround recordings here are natively recorded in at least 24bit audio depth and in sampling rates from 48kHz to 96kHz.

My multitrack sound recordings were usually done with 8-12 separately recorded channels, 2-4 of those were reserved exclusively for the surround back, so the microphones were placed back in the hall to completely avoid - if possible - use of the digital reverb.

Since I am the producer of all sound recordings I was able to adhere to the following aspects of my philosophy:

  • The signals of the microphones are recorded without any artificial adjustment using  compressors, equalizers, etc. The pure signal from the mics was recorded and wasn't adapted afterwards.
  • Dynamic contrasts in my recordings are real, as played during the performance and just adapted once for the final mix and at the cutting points, otherwise the dynamic is generally not manipulated to support the musical content of the score.
  • Live recordings are edited from only those takes: the concert itself, the general rehearsal, and a short warm-up rehearsal right before the concert - if there was one. No recording sessions previous to the concert and no correction recordings after the concert have been used for any recording that is labeled as "live" here.
  • The surround recordings here use the "center" very slightly, or not at all. The reason for that is the fact that many surround systems boost the middle frequences for the center loudspeaker to improve clearity of the spoken voice, which is designed for watching movies rather than listening to music.
  • The surround recordings here contain always LFE channel, but it is dispensable if high quality loudspeakers are used in the surround system. A subwoofer makes sense only if the loudspeakers are small or if the personal taste of the listener requires more bass.
  • High-resolution audio is generally available in the resolution of the recording source. Upscaling to a higher sample rate is not used here.

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